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Welcome to CJ Bailey & Co

Specializing in MATV systems for large scale projects including mine villages, island resorts, satellite systems for remote areas & cattle stations, system design, commissioning, supply & installation. Pay television contractors,  system audits, rectification & digital conversions.

  • Licensed Fibre Optic Contractors.
  • Data
  • NBN Sky Muster Satellite
  • Rated No.1. NBN Installation Contractor for Queensland 2016

CJ Bailey & Co began operations as a Television service organisation, by Qualified Technicians with extensive experience in Television repair and associated fields of installation of CCTV, MATV, and integrated equipment for Hotels and Resorts.

From here, we began to expand the MATV system operations with major contracts on Island Resorts off the Queensland Coast and, as the mining industry developed in the Queensland Coal regions, MATV systems were required for mine accommodation villages, where we currently provide services for the regions main mining companies.


Our technicians have worked with satellite systems since the first television satellite began operating in 1983. This has led to extensive contracts for satellite broadband installations with Telstra and Optus in remote areas including mine sites, cattle stations and Queensland Govt schools in the Torres Strait Islands.

MATV System Design

All systems are designed in house for high rise buildings or motels.
Mine villages and remote sites requiring underground services are designed on site during installation with the television signal applied.

Pay Television – Foxtel

The Company has a close relationship with the Pay TV industry and is a preferred contractor for major contracts in the mining industry.